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Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values

Reverie (pronounced r-EH-v-er-ee), definition: a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream

Reverie Farms and Soaps is a small family business located in Argyle, Texas (next to Denton, Texas). Rob Jenae Blair Taylor family pict

This is our family journey as natural product creators! Our soaps, bath & body, and household products are eco-friendly 🌎 , cruelty-free 🐇 , vegan 🌱,  and all natural.

We are also a small educational farm and Nigerian Dwarf Goat breeders.  Reverie Farms and Soaps originally started as a dream to teach our children (and ourselves!) about appreciating the simplicity and beauty of God’s world.
About Us at Reverie Farms
What initially fueled our farming endeavors was the desire to start eating more organically and to take a back to the basics approach to our eating habits and overall family lifestyle.

We started our education farm to allow people to visit our animals. They can learn about animal husbandry, how animals should live and be treated kindly, have an opportunity to interact one on one with the animals, and build a bond with animals that they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to make.

Our animals are our family pets and we treat them such. We love what we do and to share what we enjoy with others!

Handmade Natural Soap

After we started our farm, we then began looking at the soaps and skin care products we were purchasing for our family from the store.

As we analyzed labels, we became very concerned about the harsh chemicals and unknown ingredients present in these products and what the adverse effects of these chemicals had on us, our children and our planet.

all natural peppermint lip balm

It was then we decided we had to switch to more natural, organic products for all our health. We made it our mission to learn all we could. We started exploring natural organic soaps and more.

Soon others heard what we were doing and began requesting our products for their families as well. It was then we decided we wanted to share our products so everyone could enjoy natural organic soap, without artificial substances, and we haven’t looked back!

We love what we do and want to share our natural, organic, eco-friendly, vegan (with the exception of our Sensitive Shea bar soap which contains honey) soap products and more with you! And always Leave the dirty work to our Soaps!

What makes Reverie Farms and Soaps unique and keep our customers coming back for more is our Mission, Vision, Values, and Ingredients!

Our Mission

We pledge to help make the world a better place by focusing on eco-friendly practices to provide our customers with natural, high quality and ethical products fused with exceptional customer service.

We earn the loyalty of our customers by providing exceptional, natural, personal care products.

Our Vision

  • Natural: To offer a healthy alternative to potentially harmful chemicals found in many commercial products.
  • Education: To educate our customers about the benefits of natural products and their ingredients, animal quality of life, and how to strive to simplify life.
  • Change: To create change by imbuing our current and future generations with opportunities to develop relationships with animals and natural practices/products.

Our Values

  • Do what’s right – by our customers, by our animals, and by our family
  • To empower our customers with knowledge to live simply
  • Show that simplicity means freedom rather than loss
  • Treat customers as an extension of our family
  • Leave the world and the people in it better than how we found them
  • Provide ethical quality products and services our customers love!

 We use quality, natural, organic ingredients!

Natural Organic Cleansing Lemon Twist Bar SoapAs a small family business we pride ourselves on always using quality, natural, organic ingredients to product the best natural organic soaps and products!

All our soaps, including but not limited to our natural organic foaming hand soaps, bar soaps, and laundry soaps are eco-friendly, vegan friendly (with the exception of our Sensitive Shea bar soap which contains honey), and made with organic oils!

There are no artificial substances added to our soaps, such as synthetic fragrances, dyes, SLS, or preservatives. Where possible, organically grown products are used.

Our bar soap is scented with essential oils only and colored with organic herbs and plant extracts only. The base recipe of our soaps is made from 100% certified organic oils. Our products contain no parabens!

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Please visit The Farm page, as well as our other pages, to see and learn more about our wonderful Chickens, Goats and Dogs!

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