10 Ways To Become Eco-Friendly In Your Home

10 Ways to Become Eco-Friendly in Your Home

Are you looking for ways to become more eco-friendly around the house? Do you want to help protect the environment but think that it is a difficult and time-consuming process? Many people tend to think this way. They want to help the environment but either don’t know how or think that it will be a lot of work. (more…)

The Pros and Cons of Essential Oils

essential oils

Essential oils can best be defined as highly concentrated plant constituents possessing potent medicinal and cosmetic qualities. In simple terms, essential oils are plant based products that have the power to soothe and heal the body, mind and (more…)

4 Reasons To Try All Natural Laundry Soap

4 reasons all natural laundry soap is better

It’s not just our insides that can benefit from going down the natural path. All aspects of our body will reap the rewards of minimizing artificial chemicals and ingredients. Laundry detergent is something we all use regularly, but how much attention do you pay to the ingredients it contains? The importance of using a natural laundry soap that is kind to the environment and our skin (more…)

Handmade Natural Soap vs Commercial Soap

Natural Organic Citrus Fusion Soap Bar

Many of us have used the commercial bar soaps since we were children and we were always taught that if we wanted to get clean, it had to be harsh and full of cleansers and other additives. As we grew older and started taking better care of our skin, we began to realize (more…)