Try an Organic Alternative to Hygiene with All-Natural Soap

Natural and Organic Soaps

We all love to remain squeaky clean, smelling as delightfully fresh as possible. Many of us do not, however, consider just what we are applying to our skin. The majority of hygiene products on the shelves today are often completely (more…)

Handmade Natural Soap vs Commercial Soap

Natural Organic Citrus Fusion Soap Bar

Many of us have used the commercial bar soaps since we were children and we were always taught that if we wanted to get clean, it had to be harsh and full of cleansers and other additives. As we grew older and started taking better care of our skin, we began to realize (more…)

The organic movement and what it means to Reverie Farms & Soaps

Natural Organic Cleansing Lemon Twist Soap

‘Organic’ is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days! Here at Reverie Farms we’re extremely proud of our organic ethos, but we know the term can get a little confusing for those that aren’t familiar with it. So, we thought we’d offer some insight into what the term (more…)