10 Simple Ways To Make Your Life A Little Greener

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If you’re trying to make your life greener it can seem like a big challenge just to get started. But being eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean big, complicated changes. There are simple steps that you can take that combined, can work together and have a positive impact. Here our top 10 ways to bring a bit more green into your life.

Sustainable Living Tips

  • Cut down on shower time – Showers are relaxing and it’s easy to stay in there long after you need to but cutting down can help save water, benefiting the planet and your bills. Try playing a single song so you’re more aware of how long you’re taking.


  • Give the car a break – A car makes it simple to get around but you can end up relying on it a bit too much. If you’re not going far, stretch your legs and head out for a walk instead, cycle or look at the public transport alternatives.


  • Use eco cleaning products – Cleaning products can contain harsh chemicals which have a negative impact on the environment. It helps to  swap to an eco-friendly brand, like our All Natural Laundry Soap, changing up what you clean your house with doesn’t have to mean more work.


  • Buy local – Do you know how far your groceries have traveled before you pick them up? Those miles can all contribute to harmful, polluting emissions. Look to local stores for your regular purchases to help the environment or the farmer’s market. You’ll likely save money, help your local community and you’ll probably have access to fresher products too.


  • Recycle your old electronics – In the technology age it can seem like we’re always updating gadgets. Rather than throwing them away or leaving them sitting around your house, recycle them so the components can be broken down to form something else.


  • By mindful of food waste – Everyone is guilty of unnecessarily throwing away food every now and again. By being more mindful and planning your meals you can cut down. This move will help your wallet too, leaving more spare cash for an end of month treat.


  • Choose energy saving appliances – If you’re browsing the market for new appliances, looking for energy efficient solutions will cut your energy bill and your environmental impact.


  • Purchase organic – It’s not always possible to buy organic but choosing to do so when you can is a step closer to cutting the number of chemicals that are used throughout the food or beauty care process and food chain.


  • Opt for paperless – Thanks to the digital age, paperless has become a big trend. What’s more, it’s simple to embrace. From getting your receipts emailed rather than taking a paper copy in store to buying online newspaper subscriptions, going paperless doesn’t have to be complicated.




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