Easy Ways To Live A ‘Simpler’ Life

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In such a fast-paced world, where we’re always connected to technology, more and more of us are striving to strip things back and live ‘simpler’ lives. We’re very lucky to be able to live a lifestyle that lets us do this, but we know not everyone has the space for their own farm! So, we thought we’d share some tips on cutting back and living a simpler, greener life.

1. Double check your expenses

Whether it’s expensive gym memberships or a fancy phone plan, most families are paying for something they don’t really need. A good look through your finances can help you to identify anything that you can, in all likelihood, do without. Not only does this help you to live a little more simply but it can put those dollars back in your pocket for things that really matter!

2. De-clutter and donate

Sometimes you can look around your house and see a million and one different things you don’t really need. Now is the perfect time to have a good spring clean. You can even make your efforts extra-worthwhile by donating all of your unwanted stuff to good causes.

3. Get back to nature everyday

It can be tempting to just go from home to work and back again every single day without taking the time to appreciate your surroundings. Even if you don’t live right next to a national park, chances are you live near a park.Even if it’s just a walk to your local recreation ground, getting outside and back to nature can help lift your mood.

Autumn Reverie Farms and Soaps

4. Buy organic

This can sometimes feel like an impossible task, especially if you’re short on money! But once you start considering it you might find it’s cheaper and easier than you first thought. Lots of stores sell some form of organic produce these days, or you can even scout out small independent businesses that offer organic and natural products. Hint, hint!

5. Learn to say no

This is a big one! A lot of us feel like we have to be people pleasers 100% of the time. Saying yes to everything can lead you to taking on more than you can manage, which leaves you less time for the simple things in life. Learning to say no can take a lot of self-restraint, but it’s worth if you’re looking to live a little more simply!

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