Healthy, Organic Meals That Don’t Compromise On Taste

Natural Organic Strawberries at Reverie Farms and Soaps

Here at Reverie Farms & Soaps, we love to lead an organic lifestyle that extends well beyond the soaps we make! As a family, the food we eat together is important to us and we are always striving to use the best ingredients in our cooking that tastes great, is packed with nutrients and of course, has a small environmental footprint.

Organic food does just that, and by choosing to consume fresh, feel-good ingredients you can protect our ecosystems while also reducing the amount of chemicals and toxins in your body. Here are some of our favorite organic recipes that the whole family will love!

Breakfast/ Lunch: Organic Omelet

This recipe can be customized to suit the tastes of your family (and the ingredients you have in your pantry!) The main thing you will need is lots of fresh, organic eggs, plus some milk. Then, chop up your additional ingredients such as peppers, onions, tomatoes or whatever organic greens you love. Whisk the eggs and milk together, (use one to two eggs per person and a dash of milk), before pouring it into an oiled pan then add in your additional ingredients. If you have some organic cheese, grate some over the top for added flavor.

Main Meal: Pesto Pasta

Simple but certainly effective. Choose some organic pasta in any variety, and cook in a pan of boiling water with plenty of delicious, organic olive oil.  Once soft, or al dente if you prefer, drain then stir in a large helping of organic pesto sauce. You will be able to find this at any large supermarket or if you have the time, why not make it yourself?

If you grow your own herbs, then pick a large helping of fresh basil (two cups to be exact). Combine this with half a cup of your tasty olive oil, raw pine nuts, and some garlic or parmesan to taste. Add these ingredients to your food processor and blend them together until they reach your desired consistency.

Dessert: Chocolate Strawberries

No family meal would be complete without dessert and this simple but sweet recipe always goes down well in our household! Source the biggest, reddest, juiciest strawberries from your local, organic supplier. While you wash these berries and wait for them to dry, melt a large helping of organic chocolate over a pan of hot water on a low heat. (Green & Blacks is a popular choice, but there are many more high quality chocolate brands out there). Place a pot of the melted chocolate in the middle of the table and watch as your kids delight in dipping their strawberries in it!

Do you cook organic family meals? Which ones are your favorite? Share your recipes with us in the comments below!




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