The Organic Movement And What It Means To Reverie Farms & Soaps

Natural Organic Cleansing Lemon Twist Soap

‘Organic’ is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days! Here at Reverie Farms we’re extremely proud of our organic ethos, but we know the term can get a little confusing for those that aren’t familiar with it. So, we thought we’d offer some insight into what the term means as well as what it means to us personally.

What does organic mean?

Organic farming is a method that many people in the agriculture industry are moving towards. Simply put, it’s farming, growing produce, and creating products without the use of harsh chemicals that are so prevalent nowadays. The organic industry is really booming, it hit an all-time high in 2015 and as far as we can tell it’s continuing to grow month after month here in the US.

At its most basic, the organic movement is about knowing what’s in the food you eat and the products you use. It’s about knowing where everything comes from and what it does, which is something that major brands don’t always tell you in a clear way.

Why is organic so important to us at Reverie Farms?

We feel that the organic movement is a true throwback to the way things used and for us, that’s a good thing. Things used to be far simpler than they are today. This applies to everything – from the food we eat to the products we use on our skin.

On a more personal level, we have a family, and it’s important to us that they live a simple life. We often find that going to the stores can induce a headache. It just really hurts your brain when you try to understand and dissect exactly what’s the stuff you can buy now. There’s often very little transparency when it comes to ingredients lists, and no-one is entirely sure what harm all the different chemicals might be doing to us and our children. Bearing all of this in mind, it was vitally important for us to get back to the basics and eliminate those potentially harmful chemicals.

We’re very lucky that we get to share our passion with others, too. We’re dedicated to giving you and yours the opportunity to try organic products and see the different. We currently stock a variety of organic foaming soaps and handmade bar soaps which are some of our main sellers – we have a scent for everyone! But we’ve also recently introduced an organic sugar scrub to the store, and we sell the farm fresh eggs from our flock of hens! You can see everything we have to offer here.

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