Outdoor Activities The Whole Family Will Love

In a world that offers kids practically everything they want on a single screen, it can be difficult to get them interested in the great outdoors. But we’re all aware of the benefits of getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. So, you really need to encourage the whole family to get some air in their lungs and enjoy everything this beautiful world has to offer.

So, what activities will encourage the whole family to get outdoors?

Organize a picnic

Everyone loves food, so why not organize a delicious picnic? Pack up everyone’s favorite treats and head for a stunning spot to enjoy the views and surrounding area while munching on nibbles. You can also pack a ball, bats or rackets and have a family-friendly game of your favorite sport!

Go for a walk

Going for a walk can be fun for the whole family – you just have to choose where to go carefully. Think about somewhere which will play to your family’s interests. If your kids love nature for example, head somewhere where you’ll see plenty of wild animals and cool plants. If your kids are more interested in cities and architecture, take them to a new city so they can explore and see all the cool new buildings.

Go swimming

There’s plenty of lakes and outdoor pools around that are ideal for the warmer months. Most children love swimming, so it’ll not only keep them happy, but also provide them with vital exercise that’ll get their blood pumping around the body – without them even noticing!

Head out on a bike ride

Biking is the ideal way to inject some exercise into kids’ days – without them realizing that’s what you’re doing. If you live near the countryside, you’re in the best position to just dig out the old cycles and go. If you live in the city however, you may need to head off somewhere quieter.

Visit a farm

Kids love animals! And farms provide the ultimate setting for children learning about animals and how to care for them. They’ll be able to get up close and personal with a number of animals – and may even have the chance to feed a few. Certain to inject joy into a child’s day, they’ll likely want to go back again and again!

We offer private farm tours that open up the farm to families. Visitors can pet, play, and feed the goats, dogs, chickens, and bunny – all while learning about life on the farm. And what’s more, if you decide to purchase eggs, you can also gather your own from their nests!

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