Reverie Farms and Soaps Q&A

Since setting up Reverie Farm, we often get a lot of questions about our lifestyle and the inspiration behind it. So, we thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about why we started Reverie Farms, what our favorite thing about it is, and what we plan to do in the future!

When did you start Reverie Farms and what inspired you to do it?

We made the decision to start Reverie Farms in 2014. We really wanted to live more simply than we were before, and we were a driven by a desire to have more space – which we felt gave us more freedom. Living simply, by our definition, is doing things on our terms and always knowing what’s in our food and where it came from. We started off with just three chicks on the farm, but we fell in love with the whole lifestyle and it soon grew into something much more than that!

Where does the name come from?

The farm and our lifestyle is our dream, so the name was really inspired by that. Reverie (pronounced r-EH-v-er-ee) simply means ‘a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream’.

Tell us a bit about your family

We are pretty much your typical modern family! We like movies, music, and hanging out together, but we also love getting back to nature. We have a hammock, which we all like to pile onto! The kids love to ride bikes regularly, and, of course, we hang out with our animals daily.

Does the whole family enjoy your lifestyle?

We think so – though sometimes the kids want to play more on the farm than do their chores around the house! Our extended family did think we were a little crazy when we first started the farm, but they’ve come to accept and understand it! In fact, having educated them on our products we feel we’ve converted them to Natural and Organic products!

What’s your favorite part of owning your own farm?

Sharing it with others. One of the best feelings is to watch people experience something they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to do.

What’s your least favorite part of owning your own farm?

Simply put: poop! Everything has to be cleaned weekly, and most of the time it isn’t very pleasant!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to buy their own livestock or live a ‘greener’ life?

We would recommend finding a local place they can visit and gathering all the facts first. It’s easier to learn from others’ mistakes before you make your own.  There are three essential things you need to start your own farm: space, finances, and dedication. Even chickens, as small as they may be, can live an average of 8-10 years. As far as going ‘greener’, I would encourage everyone to do so, even in small little ways like buying organic products. Just ensure the company you are purchasing from aligns with your ethics and viewpoints.

If you hadn’t established Reverie Farm, what would you be doing now?

To be honest, it’s hard to remember out life pre-farming. I think if we hadn’t taken the leap to start the farm, we’d still be searching for our calling. We’d definitely be missing out!

What’s your favorite product to make?

Soap for sure!  Saponification is such cool process and one we would never have even known about prior to making our own!  It’s fun to start with organic ingredients in the simplest form and turn them into something useful!

Do you have plans to add anything new to your collection soon?

We do!  A few months ago, we added Natural Organic Sugar Scrub. The response has been great, so we plan to add some new products to our shop this year. We are always open to expanding our animal selection too!


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