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Our Chickens versus Commercial Egg Laying Chickens

Chickens Free Ranging

Chickens Free Ranging

When we first started with a few chickens we weren’t very educated on where or what type of chickens the eggs we used on an almost daily basis were coming from.  After having our chickens (which we view more as pets than pure livestock) we were astonished at the condition of commercially kept chickens.  I guess price should have been an indicator; as with everything else in this world you get what you pay for.  There is no way I would feed my family anything coming from chickens that are kept in such terrible conditions if I would have known. You can see from example in the video below how commercial egg laying hens have horrible living conditions!

This is why we have decided to start a page specifically dedicated to chickens.  Yep, we are those people now!  We want you to become educated about how they are treated, and subsequently what you are eating (both good and bad).  I am going to refer to these commercial chickens that are in such terrible conditions as “zombie chickens” from here on out.  That’s kind of what they look like to us, and probably what you would think if you came across a chicken with half a beak, missing feathers, and feet covered in dirt and chicken droppings.

Our animals, including our chickens, are our family pets and we treat them such. Our ability to feed our family with products from our animals is just a bonus, and we love to share what we enjoy with others!

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