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  • Laura says:

    This soap is AMAZING! It leaves your hands feeling soft and smells so good (I’ve tried lavender and lemongrass so far). I’m officially switching to this soap from another essential oils soap I’ve been using that is twice the price and not nearly as moisturizing. Reverie Farms for the win!

  • Kimberly Heard says:

    We had the best time at Reverie Farms! Being city folk, we don’t get to spend much time with farm animals, and the visit to RF was exactly what we needed.
    The animals are happy and healthy, their quarters are amazingly clean, and Jenae is a warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable hostess.
    A short drive for anyone in DFW, and a perfect opportunity for any child or adult to learn about – and to meet – chickens, goats, rabbits, and their beautiful ambassador Anatolian shepherd dogs.
    Don’t forget to pick up some fresh, delicious eggs, and some homemade hand soaps!

  • Kathy Rosenberger says:

    Love the Natural organic foaming hand soap, Best hand soap I’ve ever used. I purchased the lemongrass, lavender and Rosemary! Favorite so far is the rosemary but I love all 3!!

  • Pam Martin says:

    I ordered some soap and sugar scrub from Reverie Farm. Both products are AWESOME!
    Looking forward to trying some of the other products.

  • Robert says:

    I am using the natural organic lemon grass foaming soap and it is great! I am a guy but I still like it!

  • JC says:

    Love love love this soap! We use the lavender, it smells heavenly! It is very gentle and does not dry out my hands like other hand soaps. My son really likes that it is so foamy! We will definitely be buying more!

  • Stacie Martin says:

    This is a great soap! My daughter prefers this soap over the Bath and Body Works foaming soaps we have. We all love the smell of the lemongrass and the personal touch Reverie Farms adds to their products! We know they care about what is used in their soaps and the product proves this.

  • Mike says:

    Best soap ever! It leaves my hands feeling clean, but it does not dry them out!

  • Cheryl says:

    I tried the Natural Laundry Soap and it is awesome! Will definitely keep using this rather than store bought brands!

  • Danielle says:

    This soap smells so good! I love woodsy/forest scents and this is so perfect. It smells like pine trees and juniper berries, just like the description says.

  • Danielle says:

    I love this soap! The Peppermint scent is great and I really like that it leaves my hands feeling clean without being too dry the way some other soaps do. Highly recommend!

  • Stacey Chillemi says:

    It came quickly, packaged well and I recommend it to others. I will continue to use Reverie Farms Organic Soap Bars. I was highly impressed with their soap.

  • Stacey Chillemi says:

    It came quickly, packaged well and I recommend it to others. I will continue to use Reverie Farms Organic Soap Bars. I was highly impressed with their soap.

  • Stacey Chillemi says:

    Loved the smell! It came quickly, packaged well and I recommend it to others. I will continue to use Reverie Farms Organic Soap Bars. I was highly impressed with their soap.

  • Cathy Moilan says:

    I started with purchasing fresh eggs from Reverie Farms. Even my kids can taste the difference between fresh eggs vs the store organic eggs.
    Then I decided to try their laundry soap since both my kids have eczema. We live as natural as possible, less chemicals as possible. The laundry detergent is great and only a little amount cleans and deodorizes even the stinky sweaty athletic clothes!
    Now I’m going liquid soap to bar soap feeling it’s a more natural product. I LOVE THEIR LAVENDER BAR SOAP! All their products are very affordable and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Cathy Moilan says:

    I LOVE THEIR LAVENDER BAR SOAP! All their products are very affordable and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Jenelle says:

    It came quickly love the soap it helps keep the bugs off of us!

  • Stan Brown says:

    I have tried all of their bar soaps, everyone of them has a fresh, unique fragrance, and using a product with all natural ingredients, my wife and I have seen a significant difference in our skin!

  • Crystal Sade says:

    I ordered Tea Tree scrub and it works extremely well. My hands are soft without feeling greasy. I felt the scrub helped keep my hands from getting dry all day.

  • Bryan says:

    This soap was new for me. I usually use peppermint. This scent was extremely refreshing. I’ve suggested this scent to many of my friends!

  • Bryan says:

    This is my favorite scent. I was using the unscented and one of my coworkers suggested this. I’ve been very happy with it and the quality of the soap. It lathers nicely and the scent is strong but not overwhelming.

  • Bryan says:

    It’s important to me that I don’t have dry lips. This product was a nice replacement to using products from the convenience store. The product performs well and lasts long without being gross and heavy like other products.

  • Bryan says:

    This all natural laundry soap is a top quality product! The quality of this product cannot be beat. The neutral clean scent and natural ingredients are great! With the small amount you have to use this really is affordable as well!

  • Bryan says:

    I purchased these soaps and have them as gifts to colleagues. They raved about this soap just 2 days after receiving it. They loved the scent and the healthy aspect of using an all natural product.

  • Chris Robinson says:

    We gave these as part of a gift basket to our mother. She loved it!

  • Chris Robinson says:

    Amazing scent and very mild on the hands. We enjoyed it and gave as gifts as well!

  • Chris Robinson says:

    One of my favorites. Fresh clean smell and great looking as well! Gentle on the hands.

  • Chris Robinson says:

    We have several of these in our house. Peppermint and Lavender have a wonderful smell. Foams up nicely and gentle of enough to use many times a day. Also gave these as part of a gift basket. Our mother loves them!

  • Chris Robinson says:

    We put together a gift basket of bar soaps, foaming hand soaps and lip balm. One of the best mothers day gifts we’ve given. Many choices of scents and items. Great selection and reasonably priced and amazing quality!

  • Ashley says:

    Smells amazing!

  • Ashley says:

    We love this scent!

  • Megan Johnston says:

    This citrus fusion smells absolutely amazing! It is super delicate even for the most sensitive skin.

  • Megan Johnston says:

    If you love a hint of lemon in your soap, This is the perfect one. It is not an overwhelming amount of lemon, but enough to smell absolutely amazing. Just like the other scents, it is super delicate for sensitive skin.

  • Megan Johnston says:

    With citrus lavender, you get a mix between fruit and flower/outdoor scent. It is an amazing mix!

  • Megan Johnston says:

    I’ve always been a huge fan of grapefruit scent. This bar of soap, smells like you are opening a bottle of grapefruit juice.

  • Brea Tato says:

    I’m so glad I found this soap!! It’s so gentle on my daughter’s eczema and it smells wonderful too. I highly recommend!

  • Adam Smajic says:

    All natural and smells great! Exactly what I was looking for!

  • Adam Smajic says:

    Smells great, leaves your skin smooth and hydrated. Try it!

  • Karen says:

    I have been looking for a natural hand soap that doesn’t dry out my hands. I have finally found it! Thanks for making such a lovely soap. I will be buying in bulk in the future.

  • Cheryl says:

    I recently purchased the shea soap & it is very moisturizing. I love this product!

  • Andrea Steponaitis says:

    I love this soap! The scent is just right and it is nice to know that all ingredients are real and organic. It foams nicely as well. Such a good scent for Christmas time too!

  • Shala Hinds says:

    I knew about maybeline and Avon I stopped using them period. Now Victoria’s too. No more VS. Also it’s a know fact China is the worst country for animal cruelty. I buy nothing from China. I read all labels.

  • Jess says:

    We’ve been using the lavender hand soap for almost 2 weeks now. Not only does it smell lovely, it does not dry out my hands at all even with daily washing. Love it! So happy that it has safe, natural ingredients, as well. This is our new household soap 🙂

  • Jess says:

    I’ve been using the lemongrass foaming hand soap for a little less than 2 weeks. It smells light and refreshing. I love that it has safe, all-natural ingredients that I don’t have to worry about. This is our new go-to kitchen sink soap 🙂

  • KC says:

    I have resolved NOT to visit China because of their cruelty towards dogs.

  • Phyllis says:

    I will not use either of these companies again! There has to be another way of testing products.

  • Laurie J Szemesi says:

    I been looking for all natural soaps and lotion. I am a Diabetic type 2 my skin is dry I did try what they recommend doesn’t help. I will be shopping soon.

  • Rob Brunner says:

    Hi Laurie! We know you will love our all natural soaps and lotions! Just let us know if you have any questions!

  • Michelle says:

    Great post! I’ve been usimg shea butter for over 20 years. It’s super and in my opinon one of the best skin care conditioners/moisturizers on the planet!

  • Jenae Brunner says:

    Thank you Michelle! We agree shea butter is amazing! We use it in several of our products; they are so moisturizing! Check out our Winter is Coming and Sensitive Shea bar soaps in our online shop! We know you’ll love them!

  • camorris1231 says:

    Excellent soap, smells wonderful and leaves my skin soft. I’ve even noticed my skin is not as dry and living in Arizona, dry skin is especially a problem during the winter. Try it!

  • camorris1231 says:

    Great product. I too love woodsy pine scents. The soap smells great and leaves my skin clean and soft. The bars last too, they don’t just melt away as others do.

  • Keisha Lyall says:

    This soap is pretty much the same as most foaming soaps I’ve tried in the past, but this one is more natural. It smells very fresh and clean, it doesn’t dry your hands out.

  • Keisha Lyall says:

    This scent is a little strong compared to other lavender scented products I’ve used. It was very relaxing though and my skin feels so much better after using this.

  • Keisha Lyall says:

    This was the perfect way for me to relax while being sick. The peppermint scent isn’t too over powering but perfect to help my stuffy nose. The bath bomb was very fizzy and took a few minutes to dissolve.

  • Keisha Lyall says:

    I absolutely love this cleaner!It doesn’t smell like vinegar at all, which I love( don’t like the smell of vinegar) it has a very clean and fresh scent. I tried it out on my mirrors and glass tables and it didn’t streak at all.

  • Andy says:

    It’s no surprise to me about any of these companies. I’ve known, for years, these creatures were barbaric purveyors of the dollar sign and nothing more.

    Although I don’t support them, PETA has a wonderful list of companies who do and don’t engage in animal torture.

  • Michelle Martin says:

    Great, informative article.

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