Cleansing Lemon Twist Soap Bar


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Product Description

Keep you and your family clean and nourished with the Reverie Farms Cleansing Lemon Twist natural organic bar soap! Naturally scented with lemon essential oils and lightly colored with organic herbs and plant extracts, this unique soap blend is spotted with ground apricot kernels and coffee providing exceptional exfoliation to your well deserving skin.

Our best bar soaps are crafted from organically grown materials, where available, and are scented only with natural oils, eliminating the need for added artificial substances.

With a gluten free mix and non-animal testing parameters, this naturally colored bar soap adds a zesty lemon twist to your morning cleansing routing whilst also promising to be biodegradable and vegan friendly – ensuring only the most natural ingredients come into contact with your skin.

Choose the Cleansing Lemon Twist bar soap as the perfect gift for a loved one, either on it’s own or matched with other Reverie Farms and Soaps products. You will love our best natural soap!

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Ingredients: Saponified oils of sunflower* and/or safflower*, coconut*, and palm* (sustainably sourced), essential oils of lemon, lavandin, orange, and patchouli, apricot kernel, ground coffee*, jojoba oil*, rosemary extract.

*certified organic ingredients


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