The Chickens

Jenae Brunner 2017-02-04T14:39:12-06:00

Meet our Chickens! They provide such wonderful Farm Fresh Eggs!

Our chickens, which we view more as pets than pure livestock, spend their days outside foraging for food and stretching their legs, not cooped up in small cages like commercial chickens do. The eggs our hens produce are naturally better in every way. They taste better, look better, and they are better for you. Our hens live happy, healthy lives as close to natural as is possible for domesticated animals.

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Barred Rock

Barred Rocks, also known as Plymouth Rocks, originated in New England in the 19th century.  They are a dual-purpose breed that lay brown eggs.  They have black and white feathers and are very friendly chickens!

Buff Orpington

Orpington’s actually come in several different colors, but ours are Buff’s meaning they are light brown/golden in color.  They are a dual-purpose breed that lay light brown eggs. They are very calm chickens and are one of our girls’ favorites!

Ameraucana/Easter Eggers

These guys are so fun!  They come in several differed colors and can lay blue or green eggs.  These chickens are knows for their muffs ad beards. They are also docile, sweet, and enjoy hanging out with us!


These are a Dutch breed of domestic chickens that are mostly considered ornamental as they do not lay a high volume of eggs.  They lay dark brown eggs, and are a very friendly and intelligent breed.  They also have gorgeous reddish brown feathers stippled with black.