The Farm

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Our animals are our family pets and we treat them such.
We hope you enjoy meeting them as much as we love caring for them!

Our GoatsNigerian Dwarf Goat

Meet our Goats and see our Goats for Sale! Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats are certified with several organizations.  They are very friendly and love being around people!

Contact us to schedule a farm tour to meet our goats!

Our Chickens


You will love our fresh chicken eggs when you taste the difference in them compared to those eggs you buy in the store! NO harmful growth hormones or antibiotics are fed to our happy hens. All our chickens are also fed fresh fruits, vegetables, and of course the insects they find while free ranging.

Our hens spend all their time outside investigating the property exploring for food. They are never confined to cages, like commercial hens are. This happy, healthy lifestyle is what makes our chicken’s eggs healthier for you!  You can contact us to schedule a farm tour if you wish to Meet our Chickens!  Click here for more Egg-ucation about chickens and store bought eggs!

Our DogsDogs

Our Anatolian Shepherds protect our animals, our land, and us from predators. They are great with people and are truly gentle giants! They are rugged and large. They have good sight and hearing that allow them to look after and guard livestock very well! Meet our Dogs

Visit the Farm

Please contact us if you are interested in a 30 or 60 minute farm tour.

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